What we do   What we do
We are building technology to enable teams to seamlessly integrate SMS text messaging into their workflow. We believe that SMS and other text messaging services can transform customer communication. Instead of the stiff and formal email messages we all get when something goes wrong, we think our products offer a more casual and even fun way to regularly chat with customers or others outside your company.

But that’s only where Muxgram starts. SMS is just the first step in capturing all the places where conversation happens – whether it be text messaging or voice commands, with people or machines. When your business or team takes the simple step of using SMS daily, you can then scale that intimate experience to a large audience. Our technology helps you get there.
Who we are   Who we are
We are a small team working in San Francisco, California. Between us we have been building products for over a decade at large companies like Google, and small companies as founders or early employees. Our team is a motley crew of finicky coffee lovers, avid rock climbers, film buffs, and a superfly breakdancer.
Get in Touch   Want to get in touch?
If you have any questions or interested in working with us, send us an email at contact@muxgram.com or a text message at (415) 200-3446.

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