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Muxgram provides a simple way for your team to send and receive SMS text messages by seamlessly integrating with what you use every day.

You will be given a unique phone number that people can use to text message with you. You can chat with them individually or you can broadcast a message to everybody. You can also target a smaller group of people or schedule a message to be sent in the future.

The simplest way is to use Muxgram is through the webview. Just click on a user’s name and chat with them just like you would with any messaging app. You can get notifications about new messages via SMS, then click through to a mobile version of the webview to reply on the go.

For larger teams, you can add your Muxgram account to a Slack channel and chat with people via Slack threads. Each conversation with a user will create a new thread and to reply, just simply post a message to the thread.

We will cover these two main ways to use Muxgram in the following sections.

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